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3 Underrated Mohanlal Films

3 Underrated Mohanlal Films

He has done more than 340 movies in the journey of four decades and there are many interesting movies as well as stories. Mohanlal has done different types of movies and there are many movies that are underrated but the same has offered an amazing performance of this veteran actor. So in this article, I will list the three underrated movies of Lalettan.

Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu:

The movie was released in 1998 and the same featured Lalettan as Sagar Kottappuram and showcases him as a fiction writer, who also thinks he is writing trash. It was not an easy character for any actor but Lalettan has made it funny and made everyone laugh with his wackiness than at him.

The storyline of the movie was not impressive but Lalettan singlehandedly pulls back the otherwise middling, regressive film into something singularly entertaining with his energetic performance. You guys can watch it on Hotstar.


This movie was released in 2011 and the same is written and directed by Blessy and the movie narrates a story of second chances as providence brings together three middle-aged individuals who share a history of love, and the pain of heartbreak, and the same then result into a beautiful friendship. In the movie, Mohanlal showcases the character of Mathews who is in a wheelchair and he loves his wife Unconditionally. The movie has many emotional scenes along with a beautiful love story. You guys can able to watch the movie on MX Player.


It is another underrated movie of Mohanlal and the same was released many years before then the very popular Vanaprastham, this particular movie was scripted by the sensational writer MT Vasudevan Nair and it was directed by IV Sasi. The movie was in the backdrop of Kathakali, where the actor played a gentle Kathakali artiste who takes a young classical dancer.

The film showcases a love story and revenge and the actor showcased a really good performance in the movie. You can watch the movie on YouTube.


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