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4 Best Comedy Movies Of Mohanlal Jagathy Combo

4 Best Comedy Movies Of Mohanlal Jagathy Combo

Humour sense is one of the most important elements in the entertainment industry, and the legendary actor Mohanlal and Jagathy are the best combinations for the same. As we witness amazing movies of the duo, and both of them presented amazing movies which we can able to watch over and over. Mohanlal and Jagathy have played in many movies and the majority of them are unforgettable and we can laugh even after watching for many times. Well, today I will list the best 4 comedy movies of the duo and the same can be watched today to make your weekend awesome and entertaining. So without making any further delay let’s dive into the article to check out the best three comedy movies of Mohanlal and Jagathy.


It is one of the best comedy movies of the Malayalam film industry and the same was released in the year 1991. The cinema showcases an amazing story along with the comedy scenes. It was a cult movie, and Mohanlal as well as Jagathy acted superbly. The comedy scenes of the duo are unforgettable and we can laugh after watching it over and over. You guys can able to watch the movie on YouTube.


It’s another blockbuster of Mohanlal-Jagathy combo, Yodha was directed by Sangeeth Sivan and the same is a comedy-action drama set in Tibet. The movie deals with a rescue story of the future Lama, and it also has a sub-plot of two rival cousins who would miss no opportunities to pull each other’s leg. The cousins were competitive all the time and Mohanlal who is the hero of the movie wins all the time. It is scripted and presented in a really great manner and we will never feel bored even after watching the movie several times. You can check out the movie on YouTube.


This movie gives lots of happiness and the same makes us cry in the climax, as the movie showcases a story of a mentally ill person and Mohanlal plays the role. Jagathy played the role of staff of the mental hospital and the comedy scenes of the duo make us really happy. You guys can able to watch the movie on YouTube.

Chota Mumbai

It is an interesting and humorous movie of the duo and the same deals with a story that is happening in the city of Kochi Kerala. Lalettan appeared in the cinema as Vasco Da Gama and he is the head of a team and the movie also connecting the story of his friends.

It’s just a small amount of movies of the duo and there are many other popular movies that showcase an amazing performance of them. We would like to know your favourite movie of the duo in the comments section below and stay tuned with us for more interesting information about the legendary actor at your fingertips.

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